Correct Answer: Why Are My Text Messages Still Going To My

Some calls and text messages are still going to my old gophone. Verizon says this is not possible, but it is happening. I called Verizon and I was told to power down the old phone for 24 hours and see if that works. It did not. I removed the sim from the old phone, messages are still not going to th

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Applying coupon codes after the purchase? - Comunidad de

There should be some sort of "missed coupon" tool in billings bag of tricks. So far, the phone reps have not been helpful. Anyone know of the best way to handle or get this done? The Visa offer is $50 off any phone purchase. So should be worth $100 between the transactions. When you enter the code in the cart it takes it off the phone price

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$200 instant savings promo August 2015 - Comunidad de Verizon

Does anyone have information regarding the $200.00 instant savings off the upgrade or activation of an IPhone 6 that was effective on August 15, 2015? (it was Tax-Free weekend in Massachusetts). I'm looking for the details of the program- a coupon code, screenshot of the details of the promo, anyth

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Verizon $200 IPhone - False Advertising and soon t

Received the same $200 off iPhone 6 offer on 4/15/2015. Tried to use it to upgrade my existing phone. Store employee told me he had never seen the email before. Came home and called Verizon support using the phone number from the email.

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Why am I still being charged full price on my prom

I bought a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge because there was a half-off promotion. I wasn't in dire need of a phone and was waiting for a newer LG to go on sale. They never did so when I saw the Samsung deal, I went with it. I have been told every month since December, 2016 that the sale price will be reflec

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How do I quit Verizon Up? - Comunidad de Verizon

It is NOT a great rewards program, it is a pathetic list of coupons or chances to win tickets to shows I do not want to see in places I do not want to visit. I am quite sure the product vendors are paying Verizon a pretty penny to have their coupons passed off as rewards. Not interested, I want out.

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A case loyalty program for everyone - Comunidad de Verizon

A case loyalty program for everyone Here’s how it works: Purchase a smartphone or tablet case and receive a 25% off code for the next case you buy Redeem the 25% off code and receive a 30% off code for the next case Redeem the 30% off code and receive a 35% off code for the next case is it worth

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Did you know that you can not save Verizon Up Cred

Did you know Verizon up credits expire if you don't select something in 30 days. Gee the old program you had to save points a few years to get five dollars off some gasoline. Did you know Verizon up can only be accessed in a special App? Wow I lost a few credits before I figured that one out. Did yo

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Was I Misinformed By A Verizon Employee? - Comunidad de

Very much like store coupons, promotions do have expiration dates, and based on the information you have provided me, the redemption period for this offer is no longer open through this link. Life's Good Now that you have settled in with your new phone, you do have a variety of options for your previous device, one of which is our trade in program.

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Verizon Up Rewards is horrible program - Comunidad de Verizon

I I got a free reward for $50 off Hello Fresh but a quick Google search will get you a code for that. I used my 2 points on a $10 device credit that I'm not sure how to use since I just got a new phone.

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Re: LG Watch Sport Ship Date - Página 32 - Comunidad de

Not sure if anyone is still watching this but the Samsung gear S3 LTE is available at Verizon now. They just sent me a coupon code in my email to get a $100 off of it. This date falls right in line with what Bill at Verizon Concord Mills location told me. Appreciate all the help Bill, I know you rea

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